Classical solutions in quantum field theory : solitons and by Erick J. Weinberg

By Erick J. Weinberg

''Classical recommendations play a tremendous position in quantum box concept, high-energy physics, and cosmology. Real-time soliton ideas provide upward thrust to debris, akin to magnetic monopoles, and prolonged constructions, corresponding to area partitions and cosmic strings, that experience implications for the cosmology of the early universe. Imaginarytime Euclidean instantons are accountable for vital nonperturbative results, while Read more...

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Small-amplitude oscillations of the scalar field). Throughout this process, the region between the solitons remains (approximately) in the vacuum at φ = v. This should be contrasted with the sine-Gordon case, where the region between the solitons is in a different vacuum before and after the collision. Behavior somewhat like the sine-Gordon case is possible in theories where V (φ) has more than two degenerate minima, not necessarily related by any symmetry. For example, consider a theory with degenerate vacua at φ = vA , vB , and vC , with vA < vB < vC .

From the analysis of Sec. 4, we know that the fermion zero mode is an eigenvector of iγ D−1 , with the eigenvalue determined by whether the wall is built upon a kink or an antikink. But this is the γ 5 analogue in D −1 dimensions, so this mode, when viewed as a particle moving in the (D − 1)-dimensional world volume of the domain wall, has a definite chirality determined by the kink or antikink nature of the wall. This finds application in lattice gauge theory, where the domain wall fermion method yields four-dimensional chiral fermions by means of zero modes centered on a domain wall in five spacetime dimensions.

If this infinitesimal loop yields a positive integer n, then P is said to be an n-fold zero of φ; if n < 0, then P is an n-fold antizero. Now, for a configuration with nonzero vorticity n, consider a continuous deformation that shrinks the contour C at infinity to an infinitesimal loop about some point Q that is not a zero of φ. For the initial loop, N [C] = n, but the integral around the final loop is clearly zero. Hence, in the course of shrinking to a point, the contour must have passed through a number of zeros of φ.

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