Chronological History of The New World Order by Dennis Cuddy

By Dennis Cuddy

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In effect, God was informing Nebuchadnezzar: “I am sovereign over human history. I enthrone rulers and I depose them. I am able to predict precisely how the flow of historical events will unfold because I know the end from the beginning. 12 As we read Daniel 3, we discover that Nebuchadnezzar was unhappy with God’s prophetic scenario so he built an image just like the one he had seen in his dream only it was made entirely of gold from head to foot. Nebuchadnezzar’s rebellious act involved far more than false worship and idolatry.

Therefore, we will quote extensively from this invaluable resource. Reformers of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries • John Wycliffe (1324–1384) John Wycliffe has been called the Morning Star of the Reformation because his work announced the approach of the breaking of the light of day that would dissipate the darkness of the Middle Ages. ”24 Writing about the papacy, Wycliffe asked: Why is it necessary in unbelief to look for another Antichrist? In the seventh chapter of Daniel, Antichrist is forcefully described by a horn arising in the time of the fourth kingdom.

About midway through the tribulation he and his assistant, the false prophet, terrorize the world and compel everyone to bear the mark 666 on their hands or forehead. At this point the Antichrist moves to Jerusalem from Rome, where he has been ruling. In the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem he blasphemes God, breaks the peace pact, and persecutes Israel. All chaos breaks out—looting, arson, famines, pollution, plagues, drug abuse, occultism, demon possession, economic dislocations, and lawlessness are rampant.

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