Christian Attitudes toward the Jews in the Middle Ages: A by Michael Frassetto

By Michael Frassetto

Drawing from an both wide selection of sources-sermons, polemical texts, theological treatises, hagiographical and devotional works, and histories-the quantity demonstrates the emergence of a profoundly unfavourable photo of the Jews that confirmed a few of the stereotypes of vintage Christian anti-Semitism. the quantity, particularly, argues that the fundamental turning element in family among Christians and Jews happened within the 11th century, specifically the early 11th century whilst the 1st wave of persecutions of the Jews came about.

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Moore, Matthew Gabriele, and Michael Frassetto — and to the audience in attendance for their valuable comments. Biblical quotations come from the Vulgate. 2. Ademar, 3:47, 166–67; Ademar of Chabannes, Commemoratio Abbatum Basilice S. Martialis, in Chroniques de Saint-Martial de Limoges, ed. H. Duplès-Agier (Paris: Mme Ve. J. Renouard, 1874), 6. 3. Glaber, esp. 24, 132–37. As Eusebius indicated in his life of Constantine, the construction of this extraordinary new building by Constantine was inspired by God.

In part, this can be explained by the greater visibility of Jews in Western Europe by the early eleventh century. ”27 In reality, though, as urban life gained vitality in the tenth century a number of Jewish communities were established, providing the first Jewish presence in many areas of Europe. 28 There is evidence of synagogues in at least twenty French towns in the eleventh century,29 which further suggests a lively, and visible, Jewish spiritual life. 30 By c. 1000, Leonard Glick argues, the Jewish society of Western Europe had undergone a transformation, making them at a fundamental level religious rather than secular communities.

28. , Abbazia di Montevergine: Regesto delle Pergamene, I (Rome: Ufficio centrale degli archivi di Stato, 1956), 33, doc. 47. Taviani-Carozzi, Principauté, I, 448–49, nevertheless points up the “nouvelles formes de dependence” that this document may represent. 29. , Codice Diplomatico Barese, I–II (Bari: V. Vecchi, 1897–99), doc. ” 30. , Documenti per servire alla storia di Sicilia I, 6: Codice Diplomatico dei Giudei di Sicilia I (Palermo: Tip. di M. Amenta, 1884), 9, doc. 12. 31. Graham A. Loud, The Age of Robert Guiscard: Southern Italy and the Norman Conquest (London: Longman, 2000), 264.

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