Category Theory by Peter Johnstone, D. Mehrle

By Peter Johnstone, D. Mehrle

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This is not totally standard terminology. Some authors use “semi-additive” for what we’ve called additive, and “additive” for a category enriched over abelian groups with all finite products. There may a priori be many ways to factor the functors Cp´, ´q through U, so in principle many different enriched structures on a category C. But actually, they will all coincide, and we’ll prove that. The first step is this lemma. 3. (i) In a pointed category, the following are equivalent: (a) A is initial; (b) A is terminal; (c) 1 A “ 0 : A Ñ A.

Form the products ź P“ Dpjq jPob J and Q“ ź Dpcod αq. αPmor J Let f , g : P Ñ Q be the morphisms defined by πα f “ πcod α : P Ñ Dpcod αq πα g “ Dpαqπdom α : P Ñ Dpdom αq Ñ Dpcod αq and finally, let e : L Ñ P be the equalizer of f and g, and set λ j “ π j e : L Ñ Dpjq. We claim that the λ j form a limit cone over D. To see that the λ j form a cone over D, note that Dpαqλdom α “ Dpαqπdom α e “ πα ge “ πα f e “ πcod α e “ λcod α for all α. Now given any cone ˆ ˙ µj C ÝÑ Dpjq | j P ob J , we get a unique µ : C Ñ P satisfying π j µ “ µ j for all j.

So there’s a unique L f : LA Ñ LB making LA λ A,j DpA, jq Lf LB Dp f ,1 j q λ B,j DpB, jq Uniqueness ensures that f ÞÑ L f is functorial, and the λ´,j form natural trans` λ´,j ˘ formations L Ñ Dp´, jq. Hence, L ÝÝÑ Dp´, jq | j P ob J forms a cone over D. We want to show that L is actually the limit cone. ˇ ` µ´,j ˘ To that end, suppose given any cone C ÝÝÑ Dp´, jq ˇ j P ob J , each ˇ ` ˘ µ A,j CA ÝÝÑ DpA, jq ˇ j P ob J factors uniquely as ˇ ˆ ˙ ˇ λ A,j νA CA ÝÑ LA ÝÝÑ DpA, jq ˇˇ j P ob j and any square CA νA LA Lf Cf CB νB LB since the two ways around the diagram are factorizations of the same cone over DpB, ´q.

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