Butchering, processing and preservation of meat by Frank G. Ashbrook

By Frank G. Ashbrook

This ebook is written essentially for the family members to assist resolve the beef challenge and to reinforce the foodstuff provide. generating and keeping meats for relations nutrients are sound practices for farm households and a few urban fogeys as well-they make attainable a greater variety of meats, that are of the highest quality, at much less expense. Meat is an important a part of the yankee nutrition. it's also an ex­ pensive meals. With the prices excessive, many individuals can't have the funds for to shop for the higher cuts; others are being pressured to limit the beef component of the nutrition to a minimal, or to exploit ineffectual substitutes. Commercially within the usa, meat capability the flesh of farm animals, hogs, and sheep, other than the place used with a qualifying note akin to reindeer meat, crab meat, whale meat, and so forth. Meat during this publication is utilized in a broader experience, even supposing now not fairly so common as to com­ prise something and every little thing eaten for nourishment both through guy or beast. to ensure, it comprises the flesh of family animals and big and small video game animals besides; additionally chicken, family bird raised for his or her meat and eggs, and online game birds, all wild upland birds, shore birds, and waterfowl; and fish.

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7'4 SOURCE: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 34 MEAT CHARACTERISTICS is realized more fully if we look back to the feasting at Christmas in Tudor England when, according to Life Magazine) dinner began around noon and often went on for eight or nine hours. At the end of the hall, seated upon a dais, the lord presided over the feast, surrounded by his family and numerous guests and attendants. One by one, to the blast of trumpets, the tremendous platters of food were borne into the hall. The greatest fanfare was reserved for the wild boar's head, the stuffed swan, and the roasted peacock, fully dressed with spreading tail and gilded beak.

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