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Even though in all issues God's observe is the ultimate authority, our Christian culture, as inherited from centuries of cautious mirrored image and endeavoring to be real to the instructing of Scripture, can drastically enlighten us. Nowhere is that this mix of respectful hearing the knowledge of the earlier and faithfulness to the Bible extra important than in our modern reformulations of the doctrine of God's individual.

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The fashionable Jew, dwelling in a global of shattered ideals and competing ideologies, is frequently faced with questions of religion. Sacred Fragments is in case you nonetheless care adequate to proceed the fight. In forthright, nontechnical language the writer addresses the main tricky theological questions of our time and indicates that there are nonetheless doable Jewish solutions for even the best skeptics.

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25:24; Ezek. 27:21, 30:5; Gen. 22:20; II Sam. 8:8; Job 1; Gen. 37:28). " It is also in Canaan that the Hebrews absorb the cultural influences that mark them: the Ugaritic texts have shown us what poetry, psalmody, and certain biblical legends owe to the Canaanite traditions. It is on their land that the Hebrews adopt some names for God-elyon, baal, adon. There they discovered not only the vine and the olive but their mystical significance. Libations and some sacrificial rites come from the cults of Canaan.

But even in the period of greatest splendor, under Solomon, or after the heroic campaign of the Maccabees, the country was contained in narrow limits that never exceeded some 26,000 square kilometers. From Nahr el-Kasimiyeh to Beersheba, it is 230 kilometers; in breadth, from the Mediterranean to the edge of the desert, the distance varies between 27 and 150 kilometers. The Hebrew celebrates the beauty of his country in poems that have kept their meaning, freshness, and depth after many centuries.

Land of the revelation. Such it is for Abraham, such it remains for the Hebrews. Land of the promise, but one that man must earn by his rectitude, his faith, and his strength. Every Hebrew knows by heart the trials of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as they go toward the continually promised but continually refused land. He knows what this struggle has cost his people: Abraham reduced to accepting the sacrifice of his son, Moses confronting Pharaoh in the prodigious combat by which he delivers the people from slavery, Joshua becoming a military leader to wrest the land from its natural occupants.

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