Bartending Inside-Out: The Guide to Profession, Profit & Fun by Lori Marcus

By Lori Marcus

This ebook is varied. Its no longer full of a a thousand drink recipes. This e-book fulfills the buyer carrier and day-by-day bar operations part to objects. I referenced it a couple of times, yet have not begun to learn all of it the best way throuhg.

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Hefe” refers to the white-colored yeast sediment in the wheat beer. “Weizen” is the German word for wheat. Hefe Weisse beer indicates a beer that is sedimented (cloudy with sediment remaining). They are fruity and refreshing; Usually served in a tall, vase-like glass, and garnished with a lemon wheel. PORTER: An ale, brown in color and flavored with roasted malt. Porter has a strong bittersweet flavor. STOUT: A dark, heavy-bodied, somewhat bitter ale. Stout offers its peak flavor when served at 55°F.

Its production is not quality controlled by the Mexican government. Some mezcal is produced with an agave root worm in the bottle. The past few years have brought an increasing number of high end Mezcals to the market. The tequila market is growing rapidly, producing a standard product used for well drinks and 100% agave tequila for premium consumption. Standard tequila may have as much as 49% additional sugars added, which can be cane sugar or corn syrup. Most standard gold tequila and Mezcal are colored by the addition of caramel, where higher quality brands receive coloring by barrel aging.

Adjust your pour to accommodate variations in different beers and beer systems. Beer should be served with a head of ¾ to 1 inch. POURING HINTS FOR DRAFT BEER If your draft system has two faucets that allow double pouring, learn how to pour two beers at a time. Keep a glass in each hand and hold the glasses under the spigot. Use your index fingers to start the draft. When the glass is close to full, use your index fingers to stop the beer flow. If you need to pour more than one draft using a single spigot, use your free hand to ready the second glass.

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