Atlantic Ports and the First Globalisation, c. 1850–1930 by Miguel Suárez Bosa

By Miguel Suárez Bosa

Port towns have been the capability wherein cultural and monetary trade happened among continental societies and the maritime international. In studying the ports of Brazil, the Caribbean and West Africa, this quantity will offer clean perception into the which means of the 'First Globalisation'.

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Masculinisation’ is also an important concept; this port culture was transmitted to some city neighbourhoods like La Isleta or Los Riscos in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Martín Galán, 2001) or San Andrés, Valleseco, Toscal and El Cabo in Santa Cruz (Cioranescu, 1979), where most of these workers lived, often in conditions of deplorable hygiene. 38 The Ports of the Canary Islands Dock workers have a recognised tradition of association, and the first working organisations in the Canaries appeared around port work, where they have the highest rate of enrolment and mobilisation capacity, probably because this field includes significant nuclei of salaried workers and class consciousness.

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