At the frontier of particle physics by M. Shifman

By M. Shifman

This can be the fourth and final quantity of the important e-book on the Frontier of Particle Physics: instruction manual of QCD. during this quantity the reader will locate 3 vital sections. the 1st is dedicated to QCD-based phenomenology. It covers concerns deeply woven into the material of particle physics: vulnerable interactions of sunshine quarks (J Bijnens) and heavy quarkonium physics (A Hoang). the second one part is a document on contemporary advances within the knowing of confinement in 3 dimensions within the Georgi–Glashow version (I Kogan and A Kovner). The 3rd part offers with lattice QCD (A Kronfeld) and loop equations (A Dubin and Yu Makeenko).

The 5 experiences in quantity four, including the 33 studies in Volumes 1–3, represent an entire encyclopedia, masking all facets of quantum chromodynamics as we all know it this day. The articles were written through famous specialists during this box. Combining positive aspects of a guide and a textbook, this can be the main entire resource of data at the present prestige of QCD. it truly is meant for college students in addition to physicists — either theorists and experimentalists.

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