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It was archeology'sfinest hour;neverbeforehadtherebeen such cleargovernmentalsupport for archeologicaldigs. The encounterwith the land of the Bible, however,destroyedthe romance of the Bible: It was a foreign country,inhabitedby another people. It had been his way of showing his young son the land of the Bible and nurturingin him a love for it. But when Meir Shalev came up againstArabrefugees in the Six-Day War,face to face with the humiliationentailedin conquest,he inwardly"divorced" himself fromthe landof the Bible.

1961. 84. 1982. 28 The Bible and Israeli Identity wards it. Their approachwas critical and called for secularizationand a returnto the ancient vitality. "They never envisaged a breakbetween the emergingnation in the land of Israel and its Jewish forefathers,or between the ancient Hebrewsand the Bible. The "Canaanite"conception is an example of inventinga useful past. Theiremotional, physical, and culturaldetachmentfrom both their parentsand the Jewish people in the Diasporawas obvious to any discerningeye.

93. See, for example, Amos Oz, "Ir Zara"[ForeignCity], Be-Or Ha-TkheletHa-Aza [In the Strong Blue Light], Jerusalem:Keter, 1990, pp. 209-212. "94Thus, the renewedencounterwith the biblical land after 1967 spawnedestrangementratherthanthe sense of patrimonythathad been partof the emotional fiber of the generationof '48. Zionist settlementof the country,it will be recalled,hadnot appliedto the biblicallandthatwas populatedby Arabs,but mainly to the land of the Philistines,that is, the coastal plain.

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