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One People, One Blood: Ethiopian-Israelis and the Return to Judaism

The Feres Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose households switched over to Christianity through the 19th century after which reasserted their Jewish id within the past due 20th century, nonetheless look ahead to attractiveness by means of Israel. because the Nineteen Eighties, they've got sought homecoming in the course of the state's correct of go back legislations. rather than a welcoming include, Israel's govt and society regard them with reticence and suspicion.

Sarah Laughs

This biblical tale tells of the aged Sarah who laughs in satisfaction whilst she overhears 3 strangers inform her husband Abraham that he'll quickly develop into a father. while a son is born to her the subsequent 12 months she names him Isaac, this means that laughter, and the area rejoices along with her.

The Unknown Neighbour: The Jew in the Thought of Isidore of Seville (Medieval Mediterranean, No. 59)

This booklet offers a close research of Isidore of Seville's perspective in the direction of Jews and Judaism. beginning out from his anti-Jewish paintings De fide catholica contra Iudaeos, the writer places Isidore's argument into the context of his complete literary construction. additionally, he explores where of Isidore's considering in the modern state of affairs of Visigothic Spain, investigating the political functionalization of faith, so much rather the compelled baptisms ordered through King Sisebut, whose consultant Isidore was once suggestion to were.

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118:20). Every message the King requiresgoes forthfromthis Lady's house. Any message from below that is sent to the King arrivesfirst at the house of His Lady,and from there proceeds to the King. The Lady is thus the universalgo-between, from above to below and from below to above. She is the emissary of all, of whom Scripturesays: "The angel of the Lord who goes before the Campof Israelmoved on" (Ex. 14:19). Israel above. "Theangel of the Lord"-the one of whom it says "The Lord walked before them" (Ex.

Johnson,"Marian DevotionintheWesternChurch" Elizabeth II,ed. Raitt Spirituality Books,1988),p. 400-405. 136This places her in the role of mediatrixin the other direction as well, offering the prayersof humanityto her risen Son. Shekhinah too is conduit of divine grace, indeed of the life-force itself, into the lowerworlds. 137As Motherof the lower worldsand as Throneof Divine Glory, it is also she who receives the prayersof humanityand the merits of theirgood deeds. Here the traditionsdiverge along the predictablefault of virginal/celibate versus marital/coitaldifference.

In fact the greatlove amongthe disciples of RabbiSimeon ben Yohai as depicted in the Zoharis reminiscentof the fellowship of the Apostles. See Liebes, "ChristianInfluences on the Zohar,"(Hebrew)p. , "Mashiahshel ha-Zohar"162ff. and English translations in his Studiesin the Zohar (Albany: SUNY Press, 1993). 101. See. S. Rawidowicz, "Saadya'sPurification of the Idea of God" in Saadya Studies, ed. E. R. Rosenthal(Manchester:ManchesterUniversityPress, 1943), pp. 139-165; H. A. Wolfson, "Maimonides on Negative Attributes"in TheLouis GinzbergJubilee Volume(New York:Jewish Theological Seminaryof America, 1945), pp.

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