Association for Jewish studies 2000-2001- 25 by Jay M .Harris

By Jay M .Harris

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One People, One Blood: Ethiopian-Israelis and the Return to Judaism

The Feres Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose households switched over to Christianity throughout the 19th century after which reasserted their Jewish identification within the overdue 20th century, nonetheless look ahead to recognition by way of Israel. because the Nineteen Eighties, they've got sought homecoming in the course of the state's correct of go back legislations. rather than a welcoming embody, Israel's govt and society regard them with reticence and suspicion.

Sarah Laughs

This biblical tale tells of the aged Sarah who laughs in pride while she overhears 3 strangers inform her husband Abraham that he'll quickly turn into a father. whilst a son is born to her the next 12 months she names him Isaac, this means that laughter, and the realm rejoices along with her.

The Unknown Neighbour: The Jew in the Thought of Isidore of Seville (Medieval Mediterranean, No. 59)

This booklet offers an in depth research of Isidore of Seville's angle in the direction of Jews and Judaism. beginning out from his anti-Jewish paintings De fide catholica contra Iudaeos, the writer places Isidore's argument into the context of his complete literary creation. additionally, he explores where of Isidore's considering in the modern state of affairs of Visigothic Spain, investigating the political functionalization of faith, so much fairly the compelled baptisms ordered through King Sisebut, whose consultant Isidore used to be notion to were.

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93. " in "Confrontation," 37. 20-21. He servesthe Holy One Blessed be He out of love. Does not manelevatehimselfby laying suprarational, supranatural tefillin?... Does notmanfeel the happinessof an additionalsoulon Shabbat? Does not observingmitzvot constitutean experiencethat sweetensthe bitternessin man'slife, purifyingandredeeminghimfromhis grief,fromhis lonelinessand Indeed,the morethe lawfulcharacteris "deprived" mourning? 38 Here and elsewhere, Soloveitchik describes the delight that the "halakhicman" takes in performingmitzvot, especially those without apparentrhyme or reason.

Org AFFIRMATION RELIGIOUS AND HISTORICALCRITICISM IN HESCHEL'SBIBLICALINTERPRETATION by JOND. It is no wonderthat so manybiblicalscholars avoid the normativetheologicalquestionsaltogetherand contentthemselves with historicaland philologicaldescription(which, of course, presupposes normsof its own). It is also no wonderthat so many religiouspractitioners neglectthe historicalissues and treattheirscripturesas representinga static, uniform,and unvaryingworldview-not surprisingly,the worldviewof their own,postbiblicalaffirmation.

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