Are We Live? : the Funniest Bloopers from TV and Radio by Marion Appleby

By Marion Appleby

From Iggy Pop simulating intercourse with a teddy undergo on a kid's convey to Mike Tyson's musing that he "might simply fade into Bolivian," a hilarious book approximately everything which may and feature long gone improper in a broadcasting studio
Whether it really is Nicki Minaj's Good Morning America dresser malfunction, or an Antiques Roadshow ceramic professional mistakenly describing a bit of Victoria Regina porcelain as "Rictoria Vagina," this book takes within the complete spectrum of comedy gold captured on film—whether intentional or not! This rip-roaring choice of broadcasting calamities covers a variety of laugh-out-loud events from cloth wardrobe malfunctions to the nightmare that's the open air broadcast—the global of television and radio hasn't ever been so funny.

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Proclaiming that his nephew Hugh had ‘put the hand controller from his wii straight through the screen of his LCD telly’, the presenter, somewhat naively, added, ‘you won’t find that so much with a plasma TV’. ’ WOODY ALLEN A ghost in the machine Sometimes it’s difficult to point the finger of blame. Especially when the cameras aren’t controlled by humans … A basketball report by a sportscaster in New England was interrupted when his newsdesk shuddered and began to emit strange noises. The noise was coming from a huge studio floor camera, which appeared to be moving of its own accord.

The pair originally called the actor to interview him for their show, but, when he failed to answer, Ross decided instead to tell Sachs’s machine that Brand had ‘fucked [his] granddaughter’. ’ Silly, silly boys. The Audience Has It ‘Actives’ is an industry term for radio listeners who contact shows to request songs, participate in debates, or just to have a chat with the DJ. But perhaps it’s time to coin a new phrase, ‘bad actives’, to describe a DJ’s worst nightmare – the uncontrollable, mad or really stupid guest.

This is why production companies rely on rigorously edited scripts, bossy floor managers and teams of runners to attend to a TV star’s every unreasonable whim. But all the meetings in the world cannot control that most uncontrollable of things: the human spirit. We humans do not speak according to schedule, we do not always flip the right switch, and sometimes we get angry. Very, very angry. Angry enough, even, to pull out a gun during the news. Are We Live? is a book about all the things that can, and have, gone wrong on television and radio.

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