Applied biological engineering : principles and practice by edited by Ganesh R. Naik.

By edited by Ganesh R. Naik.

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Decrease in tumor radius (shown in Fig. 8), varied approximately plus or minus 20 % depending on tumor region. This variation was considered to represent intratumoral heterogeneity. These findings cannot be obtained from commonly-used geometric factor, i. , tumor volume or maximum diameter measured on CT images. 40 Applied Biological Engineering – Principles and Practice Fig. 9. Changes in 3D tumor geometries represented in surface geometry maps. 6 (mm) Fig. 10. Comparison of tumor geometries calculated in this method with actual tumor geometries using 2D surface geometry map (case A).

2009b) (Fig. 2). The relationship between radiation dose D and cell mortality fraction M is described as follows, dMij  C ijkl dDkl (2) Radiation dose and mortality fraction are tentatively treated as tensor quantities in formulation process so that direction of shrinkage can be considered. Cijkl is the parameter of radioresistance and varies as the function of radiation dose. 32 Applied Biological Engineering – Principles and Practice Fig. 2. Tumor deformation due to radiotherapy estimated from solid mechanics.

1007/BF02513325 Kyle, U. , Lorenzo, A. D. , Gómez, J. , Heitmann, B. , Schols, A. M. & Pichard, C. (2004). Bioelectrical impedance analysis: part i. Review of principles and methods, Clinical Nutrition 23(5): 1226. , Helbig, M. & Sachs, J. (2011). Messsystem für die impedanzspektroskopische breitband-prozessmesstechnik – broadband impedance spectrometer for process instrumentation, Technisches Messen 78(1): 3–14. 0077 Negri, L. , Bertemes-Filho, P. & Paterno, A. S. (2010). Extração dos parâmetros da função de Cole-Cole utilizando otimização por enxame de partículas, XXII Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Biomédica (CBEB) – Biomedical Engineering Brazilian Congress, pp.

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