Angelfish by Goldstein R.

By Goldstein R.

Those tropical reef-dwellers make attractive additions to any tank, yet many are competitive to different species. this is designated recommendation on preserving lively, fit Angelfish. Barrons complete puppy proprietors Manuals are seriously illustrated and packed with worthwhile details. They tutor vendors on the best way to deal with their canine, cats, birds, fish, and different animals. Books supply suggestion on buying and buying, well-being care, feeding, and lots more and plenty extra. transparent, straight forward texts are followed by means of high quality full-color images and anatomically exact line artwork, in addition to precious tables and charts.

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If possible, administer intravenous fluids by continuous rate infusion. 38 †Combined values of intact male, female, and castrated male ferrets (total n = 13, aged 4-8 mo)36 except where noted. ‡From Brown S: Personal communication, 1995. 13 A B Figure 2-5 Placing an indwelling catheter in the cephalic vein of a ferret. A, The hair over the vein is shaved and the vein held off. B, A 24-gauge, three-quarter–inch intravenous catheter is introduced into the cephalic vein and taped in place. qxd 11/11/03 3:14 PM Page 21 Basic Approach to Veterinary Care calculated daily fluid volume into 2 or 3 doses administered by a Buretrol (Baxter Healthcare, Glendale, CA) or a syringe pump.

28 In these ferrets, a 5-Fr or 8-Fr Foley catheter was placed in the bladder at the time of adrenalectomy and left in place for 5 to 14 days. This technique was especially useful for ferrets in which a urinary catheter could not be placed before surgery; immediate treatment of urinary blockage was by cystocentesis. Splenic Aspiration Splenic aspiration is a common diagnostic technique that is used in ferrets with enlarged spleens (see Chapters 6 and 38). The technique is simple and usually can be done in unanesthetized ferrets.

8,15,49 Mycobacterium bovis and M. avium infections have been recognized in research and farm ferrets in England, Europe, and New Zealand. These infections may have been associated with the feeding of raw meat and poultry and unpasteurized dairy products. More recently, a pet ferret was reported to have a visceral infection caused by M. 49 The ferret had a long-term history of weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting that was unresponsive to treatment. Intestinal biopsy results revealed granulomatous inflammation and acid-fast bacteria.

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