Anatomical Dissections for Use in Neurosurgery: Vol. 1 by Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Seeger, PD Dr. Hans-Rudolf Eggert

By Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Seeger, PD Dr. Hans-Rudolf Eggert (auth.)

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R. Eggert, co-worker of the author. 31 FIG. ol. lts @kl(DcoPies (modified) accadirg to STEPHAN (1975) LATERAL AND MEDIAL CORTEX CEREBRI 11 ----11 32 Fig. 16 A Cercopithecus ascanius (species of monkey) B Homo recens Development of Allocortex in monkey and man with further reduction of Rhinencephalon (Palaeocortex) and differentiation of Archicortex (Tractus mammilothalamicus, Corpus mammilare, Fornix, Hippocampus, Gyrus dentatus, Fasciola cinerea, Stria lateralis of Gyrus cinguli, Area subcallosa and posterior part of Gyrus rectus).

22. Anatomical preparation after step U * • According to a photograph of Priv. Doz. Dr. H. R. Eggert, co-worker of the author. 45 FIG. lat. Gyrus Cll'9UIt BASAL GANGLIA, LATERAL AND 3RD VENTRICLEL-I 1 46 -----1 Chapter 3 Basal Ganglia, Lateral and 3rd Ventricle (Figs. 23 to 32) Figs. 23 to 32. Dissection in the depth of the hemisphere. Fig. 23 lto 5 Resection of dorsal portions of the frontal lobe. Preservation of the edge of the hemisphere at Sulcus longitudinalis. : 2 cm Distance of frontal pole and Foramen interventriculare (Monroi): 7 cm This measurement may be considered at brain resection 47 ~----======================--I ======================== _ FIG.

I FIG. 24 BASAL GANGLIA, LATERAL AND 3RD VENTRICLEI-I -----ll 50 Fig. 25. Addendum for Fig. 24. Cornu ant. , basal ganglia and Insula B Sketch (frontal plane) for A 51 FIG. 25 , ,. / I " / I / I I I I t \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "- .... Trilchl$ opt .. J Fig. 26 9 and 10 Further stepwise opening of Cornu ant. and resection of basal ganglia 53 FIG. x In,uta ~ • BASAL GANGLIA, LATERAL AND 3RD VENTRICLE ..... I 1 54 -----01 Fig. 27 11 Resection of Gyrus temporalis I. (Pars ascendens of R. post. of Sylvian fissure is· preserved, for orientation) A Anatomical preparation B Sketch (coronal plane) for A ===-__ ---=====- ~ 55 [:1 --- R pas(SYLVII t sulci )lat.

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