Historical Geography of England and Wales by Robin A. Dodgshon. Robert A; Butlin

By Robin A. Dodgshon. Robert A; Butlin

This article has been designed to hide all points and stages of the ancient geography of britain and Wales in one quantity. In its considerably revised and enlarged shape, the therapy of ordinary subject matters has been thoroughly re-written to take account of contemporary paintings and shifts in perspective whereas its total insurance has been prolonged to include more recent topics like symbolic landscapes and the geography of the inter-war interval. Its comprehensiveness and freshness of process determine its carrying on with worth and luck as a textual content.

Key Features
* Breadth of insurance from prehistory to 1939
* makes use of various info assets and approaches
* good illustrated with specific emphasis on key themes
* significant revision of 1st version with a lot wider variety of issues

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I n addition, it is precisely t h e s e a r e a s w h i c h h a d previously h a d greatest c o n t a c t with the r o m a n i z e d world in the late Iron A g e so that the establishment of the n e w r e g i m e m a y h a v e b e e n s o m e w h a t easier. T h e c o n q u e s t a n d control of the m o r e n o r t h e r l y a n d w e s t e r n a r e a s of Britain w h e r e there w e r e less d e v e l o p e d centralized s y s t e m s w a s m o r e difficult. ^^ Archaeological e v i d e n c e s u c h a s the finds from H o d Hill p r o v i d e a m p l e e v i d e n c e of these attacks.

A key section in the argument, which follows a lengthy examination of the possible relationships between the modular units which make up the village and Celtic social structures, concerns the link between the lake-village and Maesbury, a hill-fort, over eight miles away. The ridge upon which this fort sits apparently produced the clays which are the most likely source of the fine 'Glastonbury Group 2' pottery, and the sandstone used as querns by the fen-dwellers. He concludes, 'we may hypothesize and subsequently test by excavation that it was from this centre that Glastonbury imported much of its raw materials and to which it exported its own products ...

Childe, The Prehistoric Communities of the British Isles, (Edinburgh, 1940, reprint 1952). 10. C. Renfrew, Approaches to Social Archaeology, (Edinburgh, 1984), p. 35. 11. A similar discord between arguments at the research frontier; what appears in standard texts and that a student actually needs has been visible in geography for many years. A solution was offered by the editors in R. J. Chorley and P. ), Frontiers in Geographical Teaching, (London 1964), pp. 360--4. 12. H. C. Bowen, 'Celtic Fields and 'ranch' boundaries in Wessex', in Limbrey and Evans, The Effect of Man on the Landscape: the Lowland Zone, pp.

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