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One People, One Blood: Ethiopian-Israelis and the Return to Judaism

The Feres Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose households switched over to Christianity through the 19th century after which reasserted their Jewish id within the past due 20th century, nonetheless look forward to recognition through Israel. because the Nineteen Eighties, they've got sought homecoming during the state's correct of go back legislation. rather than a welcoming include, Israel's executive and society regard them with reticence and suspicion.

Sarah Laughs

This biblical tale tells of the aged Sarah who laughs in satisfaction whilst she overhears 3 strangers inform her husband Abraham that he'll quickly develop into a father. while a son is born to her the subsequent yr she names him Isaac, this means that laughter, and the area rejoices along with her.

The Unknown Neighbour: The Jew in the Thought of Isidore of Seville (Medieval Mediterranean, No. 59)

This ebook offers an in depth research of Isidore of Seville's angle in the direction of Jews and Judaism. beginning out from his anti-Jewish paintings De fide catholica contra Iudaeos, the writer places Isidore's argument into the context of his whole literary creation. moreover, he explores where of Isidore's pondering in the modern scenario of Visigothic Spain, investigating the political functionalization of faith, so much rather the compelled baptisms ordered via King Sisebut, whose consultant Isidore used to be idea to were.

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B. 49b) Alas for the flesh becauseof flesh. But whena personwho has intellectandeatsan animal,the animalmeritsto be raised into humanflesh. "Sha'arHa-Othiyot4, DerekhEretz(3). AmHa-aretz,p. 184. 47. Oppenheimer, 48. Ibid. 49. "In recommendation, generalthe halakhiccommentatorson this baraitastressthatit is the am ha-aretz'signorance of the "torah"of kashrut-the slaughterand preparationof beasts and fowl---thatmakes it Forexample, inadvisableforthemto eatmeatif notunderthesupervisionof talmideihakhamim.

Hecker,Each Man Ate an Meal, p. 310, remarkson this "notablelacuna"in the Zohar'sinterpretation of eating,Angels especiallyin lightof its frequentdiscussionin the Spanish Zohariccircle. See the texts cited in the followingnote. 68. Gikatilla,ShaareOrah,II, 12;Josephof Hamadan,SeferTashaq,ed. D. , BrandeisUniversity,1975), p. 92; idem, Sefer Ta'ameiHa-Mitzvot,pt. 1, ed. D. , BrandeisUniversity, 1974), pp. 309-310; Sefer Ha-Kanah (Cracow,1894), pp. 66a, 119b, 129a, 131a, 132a, cited and discussedby Hecker,Each Man Ate an Angel'sMeal, p.

It was taught,Rabbisaid, it is forbiddenfor an am ha-aretzto eat meat,as it is written,"Thisis the torahof beastandfowl"(Lev 11:46);for all who engagein Torah,it is permittedto eat the flesh of beastandfowl. But for all who do not engagein Torah,it is not permittedto eat beastandfowl. Immediately following are some vicious traditions that compare the killing of ammei ha-aretz to the ritual slaughter of beasts, or to profane slaughter,or to filleting a fish! R. He replied,the latterrequiresa benediction,the formerdoes not.

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