AJS Review (The Journal of the Association for Jewish by Norman A. editor Stillman

By Norman A. editor Stillman

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124-226; Saul Lieberman, Sheqi'in (Jerusalem: Wahrman, 1970), p. 22 and idem, in Sefer Merivot, ed. B. Lewin (Jerusalem, 1934; reprint ed. Jerusalem: Maqor, 1973), pp. 115-118. See also the sources listed in note 89 above. 99. Ma'aseh Yafehshel R. Yishma'el Kohen Gadol, in Horowitz, Tosefta 'Atiqta 5:57-61, from Liqqute ha-Pardes attributed to Rashi (Amsterdam, 1715), fol. 4a; see also Horowitz, Tosefta 'Atiqta, 5:44-45 and his list of versions of the story, ibid. 4:14. Cf. Micha J. bin Gorion, Mimekor Yisrael, ed.

Anotherpossibilityis thatit refersto impurefoods, or at least foods thatdo not matchthe peculiar criteriafor purityfound in these texts. See M. B. , TheLiteratureof theSages (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1987), 1:273-275. 80. The worddwd' probablymeanssome kindof cauldron;see Jastrow, Dictionary,p. 283 and Sokoloff, A Dictionaryof Jewish PalestinianAramaic(RamatGan: Bar-IlanUniversityPress, 1990),p. 140. ,p. 523, translatesrypthas "coal-baked bread;"cf. Epstein,Perushha-Ge'onim,p. 136. See also b. Hor.

JewishQuarterlyReview75 (1984): 99, 106-114, andthe bibliography 8. ],Tarbiz33 (1964):372-387; andWarrenHarvey,"A Third Puzzle,"HarvardTheologicalReview74 Approachto Maimonides'Cosmogony-Prophetology (1981):287-301. of 9. See SaraKlein-Braslavy,"TheCreationof the WorldandMaimonides'Interpretation Matinus GenesisI-V,"in S. , MaimonidesandPhilosophy(Dordrecht: Nijhoff,1986), pp. 65-78. DEl IN MAIMONIDES' GUIDE OF THE PERPLEXED IMITATIO 173 Maimonidesintroducescertaininconsistencieson purpose,at times he only realizesin the courseof writinghis workthattherearecertaininconsistencies between some of his views and he seeks to offer a solution;still at other times certaininconsistenciesappearto escape his notice altogether,or he is not convincedof the finalanswer.

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