The age of the sages : the Axial Age in Asia and the Near by Mark W. Muesse

By Mark W. Muesse

By way of surroundings traditions and thinkers reminiscent of Zoroaster, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle facet by way of aspect, we can see extra basically the questions with which they struggled, their similarities and changes, and the way their rules have stimulated spiritual suggestion right down to our day

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I am intoxicated with you, Soma, I think myself rich. Draw near and make us thrive. . . . . . . . . . . . Weakness and diseases have gone; the forces of darkness have fled in terror. Soma has climbed in us, expanding. [5] By ingesting Soma, the Indo-Iranians achieved what they considered the apex of existence: long life, freedom from suffering and fear, communion with gods and the spirit world, and intense pleasure. Little wonder that Soma was so highly prized and zealously protected.

More and more, persons were living nearer to one another, establishing new towns and cities and enlarging older ones. People had lived in urban settings prior to the Axial Age, of course, but now that practice accelerated and expanded. Nomadic peoples began to settle, take up agriculture, and enjoy the benefits of a more sedentary existence. Those who had lived in villages moved to larger towns and cities to take advantage of new economic opportunities. The rise of urbanization was significant because of its effects on social structures and the human psyche.

Death soon appeared, as did reproduction and new life, and the world was on its way. Ritual In their own ceremonies, the Indo-Iranians reenacted the primordial sacrifices of the gods to maintain the cosmic and moral order and to ensure that new life properly replaced the old. ” Among the simplest of their rituals were offerings of libations to the gods of Water and Fire, performed in the home by ordinary folk. In the arid and cold steppes, the importance of—indeed, the very sacredness of—these two elements is readily evident.

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