Advanced mathematical methods for engineering and science by G. Stephenson

By G. Stephenson

This textbook offers an excellent starting place to a few vital issues in arithmetic of curiosity to technological know-how and engineering scholars. incorporated are tensor algebra, usual differential equations, contour integration, Laplace and Fourier transforms, partial differential equations and the calculus of diversifications. The authors' technique is straightforward and direct with an emphasis at the analytical realizing of the cloth. The textual content is nearly selfcontained, assuming purely that the scholar has a high-quality knowing of ancillary arithmetic. every one bankruptcy features a huge variety of labored examples, and concludes with difficulties for answer, with solutions at the back of the book

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Show that the ith component of the vector a X (b X a) may be written as c^bj, where bj are the components of b. Determine the form of ctj in terms of the components of a and show that it is a symmetric object. 8. Use the suffix notation to show that (i) div(A X B) = B . curl A - A . curl B, (ii) curl(A X B) = A div B - B div A + (B . V)A - (A . V)B, where A and B are vectors. 9. If fk = xixjeijk + XiXiXk> show that dfk/dxs = 2xsxk + XiXtdte. Find also d2fk/dxr dxs, and deduce that d2fkldx2s = 2xk + 4xs8ksy no summation over s being implied.

Yv(0 = AJv(fct) + BYv(kx). 8 Modified Bessel functions 43 An important case arises in particular physical problems when k2= - 1 . We then have the modified Bessel equation x2 —— 4- x — — (x2 4- v2}v = 0 (2 152^ with the general solution (since k — ±i) y = A/V(i;c) + £ Yv(i;t). 79) for Jv. Then < 215S > <2156> which is a real function of x. 152). Iv(x) and Kv(x) are called modified Bessel functions and their properties can be obtained in a similar way to those of Jv(x) and Yv(x). The main properties of these functions are given in the next section.

207) dx2 where A = In + 1. 207), then y is not finite as x -> ±00. fsrf\rf\ff \Ai(x) -jW\iJ\xjf" 50 Special functions 6. 210) Bi(x) = V(x/3)[/_i(|je^ + /j(M)]. 211) The integral form for Ai(x) is A*(jt) = - f cos(^ 3 + xO A. 8. Problems 2 1. Use the gamma-function to evaluate (i) f x*e-xdx, Jo (ii) f ^ A , (a JO yt 2. Show that 3. Show that » m> 4. Evaluate J Q ^ J C / ( 1 — JC 3 )^ using t h e beta-function. 5. Given show by integration by parts that 6. Use the beta-function to evaluate f (i) f V(sin0)d0, Jo f (ii) f Jo V(cot(9)d0.

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