About The New King James Version by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

This examine used to be written to reveal the main sophisticated, artful piece of deception perpetrated opposed to the physique of Christ because the ebook of the hot American common model. If the reader will open the licensed model (any variation revealed at any time through somebody) and thoroughly payment all of the references given during this ebook, he'll notice the startling, grisly fact that the so-called “New” King James model is just the readings of the Revised regular model of the Liberal nationwide Council of church buildings smuggled into the textual content of the approved model of the Holy Bible. Dr. Ruckman exposes the determined strategies of the apostate Conservatives and Evangelicals who obtained jointly to pawn off this pretend King James model on an unsuspecting Christian public.

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V) is the standard girl scout profession of the brownies in Laodicea (see details in Problem Texts, 1980). All profess that there was a Book (Bible) on earth that had "ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPHS" in it. No one but a madman would believe that. There has never been on this earth ANY "BIBLE" that contained the original autographs of Moses, David, Isaiah, Paul and Luke. " These apostate fundamentalists have simply reinserted the ASV readings and RSV readings into the "Authorized Text" and pretended that they were engaged in the same kind of work as that done by the translators of 1611 and the "revisors" of 1613.

Here are men who limit their time (seven years) to the exact number used by the committee (1604-1611) so you will think they are engaged in the same activity; then, after reading all of "Ruckman's stuff" about the AV translators being "led" in their choice of words, the same profession is made, while these incredible phonies claim "the SAME SPIRIT OF OPENNESS AND ACCOUNTABILITY" that is in "KEEPING WITH THE TRADITION OF THE FIRST KING JAMES VERSION" (p. 1). Well they weighed "corrupt" in 2 Corinthians 2:17 and threw it out lest someone would think the reference was to them.

NKJV). Here Falwell and his friends are again promoting the readings of the National Council of Communist Churches as they translated it in the RSV. " The ASV naturally agrees with the liberals and modernists in the NCCC. avoiding the profane and vain babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge--NKJV) to match the Communist Bible of the NCCC and the apostate NASV of Bob Jones University. The word "SCIENCE" was found in all editions of the AV from 1611 to 1982. Since money-mad apostates who are engaged in perverting the word of God are basically materialists who judge success or failure in the ministry by sales, enrollment, income or attendance, they would naturally have a heart attack at 1 Timothy 6:5.

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