A Taste For Wine: 20 key tastings to unlock your personal by Vincent Gasnier

By Vincent Gasnier

Do you're keen on daring reds? How approximately fruity whites? what is your individual wine variety? one of many fastest-rising stars on the earth of wine has came upon a enjoyable, clean, and intuitive method to how one can realize the flavors you're keen on top- and decide precisely the correct bottle of wine each time.

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Of an abundance of potential shoots, often as few as only two or three per vine are retained to bear the crop. alarm system Powdery mildew is a hazard when vines are closely planted in a warm climate. These rose bushes will be the first to show the disease, allowing the vinegrower time to give the vines preventive treatment. net gain An ancient, gnarled vine stem holds little appeal for hungry mammals, but these young vine plants (facing page) need “sleeves” of netting to protect them from gnawing rodents and rabbits if they are to mature and bear fruit.

Shoots and leaves are pruned back in order to let air circulate, preventing disease from building up, and to allow maximum sunlight onto the grapes. During August (February in the Southern Hemisphere), when the red grape varieties begin to turn color (the French term for this is véraison), some of the bunches of grapes, both red and white, may be removed. This so-called “green harvest” reduces the size of the crop, hopefully resulting in better quality in the grapes that remain. The young grapes can be very tempting for hungry birds at this time of the year, and winemakers may use nets to keep them off the vines.

Below is confirmation that the village has its own appellation and that this wine meets its standards. Above the name of the producer is confirmation that the wine was bottled at the estate—a good sign. Alcoholic content, expressed as a percentage of the volume. decoding a label Typically, a label will carry the name of the winery or producer, the country and region of origin, the style of the wine, its alcohol content, and details of bottling. It may include the name of the vineyard, the grape variety (or varieties) used to make the wine, and details of the vintage (the year the grapes were grown).

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