A New View of Economic Growth (Clarendon Paperbacks) by Maurice FitzGerald Scott

By Maurice FitzGerald Scott

Conventional financial theories clarify the extent and development of output through 3 major variables: employment, the capital inventory, and technical development. This booklet offers an immense new idea of financial progress and is the reason alterations in output over a given interval and makes use of in simple terms employment development and fee of funding because the major explanatory variables. the writer additionally demonstrates how this idea can be utilized to provide an explanation for why development premiums range among various international locations and classes, and why stocks of wages and earnings vary.

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My defence of sticking to the conventional definition is that it would be too big a task to revise it. 2 2 The question of how consumption is best defined and measured has been long discussed. Fisher regarded consumption as consisting of psychic experiences, and the money cost of acquiring these as the best available measure of them. He wanted to deduct ‘labour pain’ to arrive at a measure of the net flow of enjoyment (Fisher 1906, 1930; see also ch. 1 in Parker, Harcourt and Whittington 1986). Pigou started by restricting his inquiries ‘to that part of social welfare that can be brought directly or indirectly into relation with the measuring-rod of money’.

3. In turn, the upsurge in inflation is attributable mainly to cost-push by wage-earners following the prosperity and full employment of the postwar years, together with the tax squeeze owing to rising government expenditure. Student and labour unrest, followed by expansionary policies, a commodity price boom, and then the first oil shock, provided the detonator and primer, and ensured that the explosion was accentuated by its simultaneous occurrence in so many countries. 4. There was a precarious recovery in the late 1970s, but after the second oil shock governments took tougher deflationary action, and real interest rates rose sharply.

It can be shown that, at the point chosen by the firm, the slope of the IPC, d q/d l or μ, would equal the share of ‘wages’ in output, λ, if the firm were making a once-for-all investment in a static economy. This is equivalent to the ordinary assumption that the wage equals the value of the marginal product of labour. 8. For a steadily growing firm in a steadily growing economy, however, this becomes Hence the marginal product of labour exceeds the wage by an amount that depends on the rate of investment, s.

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