A Mediterranean Emporium: The Catalan Kingdom of Majorca by David Abulafia

By David Abulafia

The Catalan state of Majorca used to be tested below the desire of King James I of Aragon, who conquered Majorca in 1229, however it used to be governed from 1276 to 1343 through a cadet dynasty. the dominion incorporated the main enterprise facilities of Montpellier and Perpignan, and different lands in what's now southern France. It used to be domestic to big Jewish and Muslim groups, and was once the point of interest of immigration from Catalonia, Provence and Italy. This e-book emphasizes the key alterations within the alternate of the Balearic Islands from the eve of the Catalan conquest to the Black dying, and the impression of the kingdom's production and death at the economic system of the zone.

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Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2009 18 Unity and diversity the prominent Tuscan merchant Francesco Datini, the ' Merchant of Prato,' who had very extensive business interests in Mallorca and Menorca. Ibiza appears to have increased in importance as a source of good quality salt, though it was increasingly the Genoese who handled this trade. 45 Designed by Guillem Sagrera, it consists of a large Gothic hall whose roof is supported by a soaring forest of slender columns. Its beauty lies to a large extent in its austerity.

There is further material on Menorca and Ibiza in the acts of the thirteenth Congress of the History of the Crown of Aragon, cited earlier, one theme of which was the lesser islands. J . Rogozinski, Power, caste and law. Social conflict in fourteenth-century Montpellier (Cambridge, MA, 1982). But see now K. Reyerson, 'Flight from prosecution: the search for religious asylum in medieval Montpellier', French Historical Studies, 17 (1992), 603-26. M . M c V a u g h , Medicine before the plague. Practitioners and their patients in the Crown of Aragon, 1285-1345 ( C a m b r i d g e , 1993).

D . Abulafia, * Les relacions comercials i politiques entre el regne de Mallorca i P Anglaterra, segons fonts documentals angleses', C H G A x m , vol.

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