A Family Guide To Keeping Chickens: How to choose and care by Anne Perdeaux

By Anne Perdeaux

Chickens are a terrific relations puppy, requiring much less awareness than a puppy but being unique, efficient and academic. For the relations and would-be smallholder, chickens are the most obvious first step while venturing into protecting farm animals. This sensible, complete color publication, is perfect for the whole newbie. Even somebody who hasn't ever saved animals earlier than may be capable of keep on with the transparent, targeted counsel that's given at each degree. It contains: making plans in your first chickens; figuring out bird behaviour; picking out housing for various sized gardens; selecting the best chickens for the activity; exploring priceless apparatus similar to fowl feeder and drinkers; what to feed your chickens on; procuring your chickens and introducing them to their new domestic; regimen deal with your chickens; outfoxing The Fox - and different predators; eggs - and what to do with them; facing parasites and diseases; preserving a cockerel; broody hens and hatching eggs; while Chickens Die; and chickens and the altering Seasons. With true-life pictures of fowl keepers, little recognized evidence, and private anecdotes this available ebook is a straightforward and relaxing learn, compatible for either adults and kids

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You must allow drainage for the mucky water to escape or a residue of droppings will become trapped by the membrane. Straw Sometimes used in covered runs, straw needs changing regularly, especially if it gets wet, and may cause digestive problems if the chickens eat it. Don’t use hay as it contains harmful moulds and quickly turns into a matted mess. Dust-extracted wood shavings These are mostly used for bedding, but shavings can be spread thickly in a covered run. Like straw, they need raking and changing frequently, and may get blown around the garden.

Dogs pose a threat to poultry, although cats may be quickly put in their place – a friend found her hens scoffing the cat food while four cats watched in horror! Cats will take chicks, though, and very small chickens could also be at risk. There are many chicken predators, but it’s a wild world and chickens are also fond of meat. Pet rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept separately from chickens, who may have a go at them, and tiny pets such as mice or reptiles won’t last long in the company of greedy chickens.

Pop-Holes About 35 cm high by 30 cm wide. Nest-Boxes 30 cm square for average size hens. Allow a nest-box for every three hens. Run At least 1 m square per bird, more if possible – a chicken should be able to stretch and flap both its wings at the same time! Shopping around Providing suitable living quarters will be the most expensive part of starting to keep chickens, so it’s worth taking time to shop around carefully before buying. To some extent your requirements will vary depending on the type of chicken you decide to keep – in the next chapter we will look at the various breeds.

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