Dictionary of food : international food and cooking terms by Charles Sinclair

By Charles Sinclair

Covers a variety of materials, classical dishes and cooking procedures, gear and phrases from numerous diversified nations inside of Europe, the United States, South the USA, Australasia, Africa and Asia. The language of English delicacies is uncommon in that it makes use of many phrases of overseas beginning, usually of their unique spelling. the aim of this dictionary is to offer brief definitions of those phrases in order that either the Read more...


The Dictionary of foodstuff covers a variety of constituents, classical dishes and cooking techniques, apparatus and phrases from various varied international locations inside Europe, the US, South America, Read more...

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The ripe fruits which fall off the creeper have a mild aniseed flavour and can be eaten fresh or used in sauces and baked desserts. apple bread England A Derbyshire bread made from dough kneaded with sweetened apple purée prior to proving apple brown Betty United States Stewed apple layered with toasted butter-soaked cake crumbs apple butter See apple cheese apple cake See Norfolk apple cake apple charlotte A dessert made from apples cooked in butter and sugar flavoured with grated lemon zest and ground cinnamon, placed in a mould lined with stale bread soaked in melted butter or with browned bread crumbs, covered in same, baked in the oven and served with apricot or custard sauce apple cheese England Whole apples cut so as to break open the pips, cooked until soft in cider, passed through a coarse sieve to allow the pip kernels to pass through, then cooked with an equal amount of sugar and a clove until of coating consistency.

The andouille may be salted in brine and/or smoked, but in all cases it is finally simmered in a bouillon for 3 hours. andouille pur porc France Andouille made with seasoned pork shoulder meat and fat andouillette France A small version of the andouille but usually containing only coarsely chopped chitterlings and tripe and purchased in the cooked state. Generally lightly slashed and grilled or fried and served hot with fried potatoes, mustard and onions. andouillette à la lyonnaise France Andouillettes cut into 1 cm.

There are thousands of varieties but only about fifty are commercially available. Dessert varieties are sweetish, sometimes combined with acid, used for äppel-fläsk appellation d’origine appellation d’origine contrôlée appelmoes äppelmos appelsiini appelsin appeltaart Appenzell Appenzeller Appenzellerli appertization appertize, to appetite appetitost appetizer apple eating raw, and, since they keep their shape on cooking, also used for tarts and in other cases where the shape of the cut fruit is important.

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