A cook book by Des Moines. Plymouth church

By Des Moines. Plymouth church

Поваренная книга 1876

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308 Currants, to Clean. 305 Drains, to Clean, 311 Economy, 305 Ego- Stains. 307 Figs, to Freshen, 308 Flat Ii-ons, to ("lean, 31 Flour, to Brown, 305 Furniture Polish. 314 Fruit, to Clean. 312 Food, to Keep Warm, 311 Gelatine, to Prepare, 310 Glass Jars, to Clean, 313 Javelle Water, 322 Tnk Spots, 314 Kettles, to Clean, 310 Lemons, to Keep, 307 Left Overs, 31(i Lime Water, 312 Meats, to Keep, 313 to Cook, 306 Meat, 306 Meringues, 313 ]Nretals, to Clean, 317 :\rush, 309 Aiushroom Powder. 308 Onion Juice.

SOUPS. MUTTON II SOUP. Take the neck of mutton, cut two turnips, two onions, carrots, it in pieces, all sliced, a add to it three bunch of sweet herbs, one tablespoonful of parsley, one teaspoonful of salt, a little pepper and three pints of cold water simmer slowly for four or five hours, then skim pass the soup through the Serve sieve and return to the soup kettle to boil just once. with barley which has been boiled separately while the soup ; ; has been cooking. MINESTRONE. A FAVORITE ITALIAN THICK SOUP.

One cream in chop the meat very fine put one pint of the stew pan, when hot add the lobster meat, one- lobster, ; half tablespoonful of butter, three crackers rolled fine, onehalf saltspoonful of pepper, one saltspoonful of salt let all come to the boiling point, then remove from the fire and add one tablespoonful of Madeira or Sherry wine. Serve ; at once. CREAMED LOBSTER. Take the meat from a boiled lobster, cut it into small pieces, mix two tablespoonfuls of butter, one tablespoonful of flour; when hot stir into the mixture, the lobster, a little grated nutmeg, a teaspoonful of salt, one teacup of cream and one teaspoonful of sherry stir well together and let cook for ten minutes, then serve either in the shell of the lobster, which must be carefully washed and dry, or in a silver covered dish.

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